It is not possible to price advice, but Helen's, as always, is spot on.
Mrs H – Somerset

Many thanks for your great assistance in this matter. Your professionalism and friendship were very much appreciated by both X (his partner) and myself.
Mr S - Dorset

Thank you so much for your patience and good humour and devoted hard work – and especially for your kindness to T (the executrix). I know how much it meant to her to have you at the helm understanding all the sensitive negotiations she had to do.
Miss C - Somerset

Many thanks for your letter and copies of our Wills so beautifully presented. We are most grateful for all your help and advice, as well as the efficiency and speediness with which it has been supplied.
Miss P - Bath

Thank you so much for providing such sensitive and expert help this morning.
Mrs B - Bristol

Thank you for all your help, advice and support. You made my job manageable in every way.
Mrs R - Executrix in Canada

Many thanks for your prompt and efficient service in preparing our Wills.
Mr B - Somerset

Thank you for all your complicated work connected with (my husband’s) Will. The final accounts were beautifully presented and the care and thought which went into their preparation is much appreciated.
Mrs P - Hertfordshire

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for everything you have done for this family!
Mrs P - Hertfordshire

What would we do without you?!
Lord C - London

I want to thank Helen for being such a tremendous source of knowledge, support and friendship through the past eight months.
Mrs R - Hampshire

I am most impressed that you took the trouble to return my card (to a deceased client) but more importantly that you bothered to write and tell me, not only of her death, but how she died. I would have worried and wondered so much. At least I know it was a swift death and that she did not suffer. I am most grateful to you for this information.
Mrs S - Hertfordshire

Helen, thank you so much for all your help and advice. You are really helping me through a tricky patch.
Mrs I - Somerset

Many, many thanks for all the help and advice. I could not do without you! I am always pleased to see you and look forward to your visits!
Lady H - Hampshire

You do not know how much I rely on you. You really are my rock!
Mrs B - Bath

Thank you so much for everything you have done over the past two years for all of us. You have been a real inspiration to me, as I have never had a solicitor, and I did not know that solicitors could be so kind and wise!
Miss C - Somerset

We are most grateful Helen for your personal and professional help with changing lifestyles!
Gp Capt B - Suffolk

Your help and consideration in this matter has been exceptional in all respects and I cannot thank you enough; also for the kindness and understanding you have never ceased to display.
Mrs M - Wiltshire

Things have improved a lot for X and largely because of your help
Mrs D, Bath

May I add my sincere thanks for all your time and effort on our behalf.
Mr & Mrs W, Bath

My wife and I wish to thank you for the friendly and efficient way you looked after our affairs. You are a credit to your profession.
Dr E, Dorset

Thank you for all you did for me. It made such a huge difference to my state of wellbeing. I am finally able to sleep a lot better at night.
Mr D, Bath

I have been put off approaching solicitors because they are all such huge unfriendly companies now and have lost the personal touch. It's so refreshing to see that someone has broken away and gone back to the old fashioned values where solicitors knew their clients and their families.
Mrs G, Bath

Your support on mum's behalf during the final stages of her journey and beyond merit express mention.
Mr B, Germany

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